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What is Instagram Stories Chat Sticker and how can brands use it?

Instagram is undoubtedly the most popular social network nowadays. With each new update, Instagram introduces new features that add to the diversity of the platform.

This time, Instagram introduced a new sticker in Stories. So far, nothing new. The great news is that this new Sticker allows users to create conversations with followers around a certain subject.

The new sticker automatically creates a chat room, a much more interactive option than traditional private messages.

The aim is for followers to interact innovatively with the account holder. In this case, the goal is for the user who creates the story to write the topic they want to discuss on the sticker, allowing followers to join a common chat in private messages where they can talk about the content of that post.

To join the chat room, the follower needs to send a request. You can then approve, or reject his or her request.

For brands, this feature represents an opportunity to relate to their followers - and potential customers - by creating dialogue around certain issues.

An interesting perspective is that, for example, instead of having to respond to several private messages on the same subject, companies can have everything integrated into one chat.

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