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How to adapt content to each social network

The internet and social networks bring companies new opportunities to relate and communicate with their target audience. As they are digital showcases, the contents you share can be seen by thousands of people.

As such, an integrated and cross-platform communication plan is an excellent way to reinforce your message and ensure that it reaches your audience on the various platforms where you are present.

For this, it is important to adapt the content you produce for each of the communication channels used, especially when working with social networks. Each social network has its specific characteristics and characteristics, which we will discuss below. These tips will help you adapt your content to the needs of each platform to have the best possible results.



Facebook currently has 2.797 billion active users and remains the most used social networking platform in the world. Of the six platforms that claim to have more than a billion monthly active users, four belong to Facebook.

Facebook allows you to be quite versatile in its content. You can publish in different formats, such as videos, photos, links, texts and gifs. On this platform, it is important to bet on diversified, current content and with great potential to be shared, such as video, which is the format that promotes greater engagement with the public.

Never share just one link, include a short description that sparks interest for reading the article or viewing the video.



Instagram is currently the most dynamic social network. Any brand that can promote its content visually must be active on Instagram to increase its visibility. Your goal on this platform should be to interact as much as possible with the consumer, taking full advantage of the platform's tools, especially stories. On Instagram Stories you can take surveys and customer surveys and share the brand's daily behind-the-scenes.

On Instagram, video is also king, so much so that the platform created its short video application, Reels. More and more brands are betting on this video format of a few seconds to promote their products and services.

In addition to exploring these features, on Instagram you should share appealing images and videos, avoid long texts and descriptions, and above all share frequently.



LinkedIn is a social network with a more serious tone. Designed to help professionals and recruiters find themselves, it is still a good weapon to establish yourself as an opinion leader in your area.

In this social network, we advise you to produce striking images that support texts that allow you to initiate debates and promote communication with peers in your segment.

Video content is also an excellent option as it is extremely easy to share and has the greatest potential to go viral.


Any of these platforms can help you communicate with your potential customers, as well as many others that we haven't mentioned. However, it should also be noted that quality is more important than quantity, and as such it makes no sense to try to be present in all existing social networks, if that is not where your audience is.

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