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How to choose a Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing agency is an essential support for any business, whether to improve visibility, increase sales or even achieve better results on social media.

A digital marketing agency can offer various services ranging from content production for blogs, social media management and even website development.

Don't be fooled if you think that hiring a digital agency is a whim reserved for large companies. On the contrary, it is a particularly interesting opportunity for small businesses, which usually do not have a marketing department in their internal structure.


What does a digital marketing agency do?

A digital agency is a company that supports its clients in all aspects of their digital presence, whether on social media, a blog, in their communication, marketing, website, among others. It is up to the agency to devise the best digital strategy for its clients and then build it in the image of each one's needs and possibilities. Relying on the know-how of a team of experts in the digital ecosystem can boost your company, achieving results you only dreamed of.


What services does a digital marketing agency provide?

Each agency has its offer of services, which may vary from that of competitors. For example, some agencies specialize in SEO optimization, offering services within the scope of digital marketing. As a general rule, a digital agency has the following services:

  • Digital strategy development
  • Content production for blogs
  • Social social media management
  • Website development and mobile applications
  • SEO optimization
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns


Why should I hire a digital marketing agency?

The main reason for a company of any size to hire a digital agency is that it is essential to have a digital strategy these days. It is on the internet that the brands' great potential for interaction is found. Social media, the website and other digital platforms are permanent shop windows that work 24 hours a day. So, it would be negligent to be on Digital without a strategy. Below, we list the biggest advantages of having the help of a digital agency:

Take advantage of the know-how of qualified professionals: a digital strategy must be based on techniques, research and a lot of planning. An experienced team already knows what works and what doesn't in practice.

It's a smart investment: Delegating your digital strategy to a third-party company will allow you to have the best cost-benefit ratio, as it's a smaller investment than setting up a communication and marketing department in the company, especially for smaller companies. On the other hand, it will also save on the acquisition of software to support digital marketing, which a digital agency will already have.

More efficient budget management: Still regarding the economic advantages, having the support of a digital agency will allow you to apply your budget more efficiently.

You can focus on important tasks: by delegating digital strategy efforts to an external team, everyone in the company structure can focus on their tasks without being overwhelmed by the digital strategy.


How to choose a Digital Marketing Agency?


Take into account the services offered

Choose a company that has a diversified offer of services and that meets what you need. Even if you think you only need to hire service X, the agency can include service Y in its digital strategy and your business will benefit from it.


Analyze the project portfolio

Evaluate the projects previously carried out by the agencies and favour those that present projects that you identify with and like. Often, quantity is not quality, so don't be fooled by a page full of projects.


Look for customer testimonials and assess the credibility

Thoroughly research the company and read testimonials from past clients, reviews on Google and the agency's social media. Also, find out if the agency has awards, distinctions, etc., for the work performed.


Set a budget

Lastly, consider the budget factor. Define in advance the share of your budget that you can invest in digital and talk to various agencies. Different agencies may present you with very different budgets, related to the offer of services, the number of hours they can spend on your project and even the brand's reputation. Weigh all these factors carefully and don't choose an agency just because it's cheaper (and you can save money) or because it's more expensive (it doesn't necessarily equate to better quality).


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