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How to use Instagram Business to make your business grow

Nowadays, it is essential for any business to be present and active on social media. 

Social networks have become permanent showcases for brands, allowing them to communicate values and interact with their target audience in completely new ways. Therefore, it is crucial for companies to understand which social networks make the most sense to invest in, taking into account the identity, the product or service and the target audience of each one.

One of the most popular social networks today is Instagram. For brands that promote visually appealing products and services or target a younger audience, this platform can do a great job of boosting.

Instagram allows you to increase visibility and brand loyalty while promoting engagement and ultimately sales. However, saying is easier than doing.

If you're aiming to use Instagram as a tool to improve lead acquisition and increase sales for your brand, read on! Today we're going to cover how to use Instagram Business to boost business.


What is Instagram Business?

Instagram Business is nothing more than the corporate version of Instagram. By using professional accounts, brands have access to some extra features and data over the personal version. A professional account can, for example, create ads that will appear in users' feeds, which is not possible on personal accounts.

However, the big advantage pointed out by Instagram Business users is access to Statistics, the platform's analysis tool.


What are the advantages of Instagram Business?


Creation of ads

Unlike personal profiles, professional accounts have the possibility to create ads in the form of Stories, Photo, Video, Carousel and Collection.

Similar to Facebook, ads on Instagram Business allow target audience segmentation by demographics, interests, behaviour, among others. Ads can also be optimised taking into account the marketing objective, for example more sales or more reach.


Access to Statistics

A professional account has access to a button that personal accounts do not have available: Statistics. There, the user has access to various data that he can use to improve his performance or make adjustments to his digital strategy. The data can concern Activity (e.g. such as number of hits, spikes in activity and clicks on the bio's website, Audience (information about the page's followers, such as age, gender, location, etc.) and Content (information about posts, Stories and ads created with Facebook Ads).


Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping is an Instagram Business feature that allows users to look up details about a product and buy it without leaving the app. This feature is especially useful for businesses looking to use Instagram for direct sales, allowing consumers to make an easy, quick and intuitive purchase.


Influencer Marketing

More and more brands are turning to Influence Marketing. This Digital Marketing strategy consists of a paid partnership between a brand and a digital content creator, usually referred to as an Influencer, for the promotion and advertising of services or products. Instagram is the "ecosystem" of Influencers, allowing great proximity with potential consumers and thus greater benefit for brands.

In conclusion, including Instagram in your digital marketing strategy can help you create a better relationship with your target audience, make your brand known to a previously unknown audience and even serve as a direct sales platform. However, neither Instagram Business nor any other social network does the work for you: you should aim to be constant in content creation, creative and always available to respond to your potential customers.


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