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How to use IGTV for the benefit of your brand?

IGTV was launched as an alternative to traditional television and to other popular streaming channels such as Youtube.

The great distinction of IGTV is that it is especially directed to smartphones, with vertical video being the format of choice.

For brands, IGTV is a very interesting promotional tool with exciting potential. Many marketing and social media experts say IGTV's format is the one that ties in best with the public, especially the younger generation.

In terms of engagement with the audience, combining pictures, text, voice and music is an ideal way to capture the attention of users.

However, IGTV does not yet have any monetization option, not allowing brands to make a profit out of this platform. Instagram's CEO Kevin Systrom pointed out during the IGTV release that there is no rush to include advertising in the app, but the possibility has not been completely dismissed. He added that, eventually, there may be an agreement with creators, but that this is not the purpose that is expected to be given to IGTV.

A curious aspect of IGTV is that being hosted on Instagram, it is not necessary to "get" new followers for your channel. That is, the followers you already had in your Instagram business account will be the followers of the channel.

You can also share IGTV videos through direct messages, allowing brands to send potential customers content that may be useful in solving their problems.

IGTV is still starting its way, so the potential for growth is huge. For brands, it will be a way to try new formats and techniques to reach their followers. If you have not yet joined IGTV, do not hesitate!

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