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What do you do when the algorithm of a social network changes?

For any brand that relies on social media, a change in the algorithm of a social network is a significant event. Brand’s trust in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., as content distribution platforms, makes any changes to the algorithms important.

But what should one really do when the algorithm of a social network changes? First, you should examine all the factors involved. A change in the algorithm of a social network can harm or benefit you, so you must first understand what has changed and how these factors can affect your performance. The important thing is not to panic. Often even the most experienced professionals take weeks to understand the effects of algorithm changes.

Once the changes are evaluated, you must adapt and take advantage of this opportunity to grow. Trying different techniques is essential. Did the organic reach fall? Increase the frequency of posts. Has interaction with followers diminished? Bet on influencer marketing and create more interaction through collaboration with a digital influencer.

Above all, it is essential to be patient. A small change to an algorithm can have major consequences for your brand, but that does not always happen. Take the time to reflect and take action and follow the opinion of other influential opinion leaders in the area.

Being creative and differentiating yourself is crucial. A change of algorithm may be the right opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition. The most successful brands are usually those who care about being different.

Lastly, our advice is to be algorithm-proof. Virtually all changes in algorithms are designed to enhance the end user experience in some way. If your presence on social media already offers a superior user experience per se, then it is algorithm-proof. You can not always predict or circumvent algorithmic changes, but you can create high-quality content and always take advantage of that.

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