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How to optimize your Call-to-Action buttons to increase conversions?

If you work in Digital Marketing or run a website, you certainly know what a Call to Action button is.

However, for those unfamiliar with the concept, you can define the CTA button as a call to action commonly used in websites, emails, ads, etc., in the form of very important buttons to the process conversion.

Many professionals believe that a single call-to-action button can determine the success or failure of an online business. That's why it's important to optimize them as efficiently as possible to increase conversions.

Here are some key tips for creating call-to-action buttons that will turn your site visitors into conversions!

1. Use a colour that stands out

A call-to-action button is meant to catch the visitor's attention. Thus, it should preferably be of a colour that stands out (avoid white, black, grey). The number of combinations of colours, gradients, shadows, fonts, and other options is infinite. The most important thing is to stand out from the page and catch the attention of the visitor.

2. Keep the design simple

As we mentioned earlier, the purpose of these buttons is to get the user to take action and, as such, it is important that these elements are prominent. However, as with many other situations, less is more. It is not necessary to put effects, arrows and images on the call-to-action buttons. Studies have shown that the buttons with the best performance are those that have simple text and few details.

The same applies to size: Avoid oversized buttons with the intention of drawing attention. This issue is especially valid because of the volume of use of mobile devices today. A button too large will make the user suspicious and probably annoyed.

3. Make it obvious that it is a clickable element

For the user to click the button, he/she must know that it is clickable. This may seem pretty obvious, but it is not. Things that look like buttons by default have the following characteristics:

  • Rectangular forms

  • Clear boundaries or boundaries

  • White space around them

  • They have contrasting colours

4. Make the call-to-action button the next obvious action

The buttons are part of the flow of a page or the conversion funnel. As the user moves mentally during the browsing process of the page, the button should be the final and climax of the process. The user should realize that clicking the call-to-action button is the last logical action of your visit to the site or page in question.

5. Text should be short

The text of the CTA button is one of the most important elements. The words should be chosen carefully. Use words related to the time like "today", "now", "already" to create a sense of urgency.

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