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Marketing Automation: what is it and how can you use it?

The universe of Internet users is very diverse and is yet to be discovered a marketing strategy that works for the particularities of all people. This is one of the major challenges companies face today, but there are ways to get around the problem. One such solution is Marketing Automation.

Anyone who works in Digital Marketing knows the term "Marketing Automation", mainly because automation tools have been proving to be one of the companies’ greatest allies in recent years.

Marketing Automation consists of the use of software and other technologies to scale and increase the results of a company. Marketing automation tools are a group of tools that automate a company's marketing strategies and can be used in companies of any size.

In general terms, marketing automation allows you to identify, track and act in a personalized way with the public, improving the relationship and, consequently, sales.

However, automation doesn’t just eliminate repetitive functions. Below, we list some of the greatest benefits of marketing automation.

  • Identify and give more quality to leads;

  • Increase lead conversion;

  • Increase revenue results.

But how do these tools meet these goals? Each tool has its own characteristics but, in general terms, most of these tools allow:

  • Identification of anonymous visitors on a site;

  • Dynamic Lists;

  • Lead Score;

  • Behaviour analysis;

  • Email Automation.

Thus, marketing automation is based on behavioral characteristics but essentially relies on data analysis and performs actions on pre-established patterns to determine targets and establish better communication. Thanks to automation tools, companies can automatically contact a potential customer. The customer can then respond to these communications.

For example, by evaluating the responses to site contact forms, you can "filter" users who are already ideal buyers or who are ready to move to a purchase. A user who is not ready to move forward may have no interest in your product today, but this can change in the space of weeks or months. In such cases, maintaining contact occasionally is crucial to cultivate relationships and preparing them for purchase.

Finally, time is money. A marketing automation tool allows you to save a lot of time, scheduling posts on social media, sending specific emails according to customer data, evaluating campaign results, and more. When choosing an automation tool you should look for the following features:

  • Integrated CRM system with a lead scoring system or the possibility of integration with the CRM system that you use;

  • Email marketing: allows A / b testing? Demographic targeting?;

  • eCommerce: Some automation tools can act as a product database. These tools typically offer features such as coupons and affiliate programs;

  • Integration with social networks.

In short, an automation tool can reduce CAC ("cost to acquire customers"). The CAC, or Customer Acquisition Cost, is the amount a company spends to get a new customer.

By saving your employees time analyzing campaign results, by automatically contacting others, marketing automation tools reduce that cost. Already use marketing automation? What is your preferred feature? Comment on our social networks.

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