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The importance of Customer Support nowadays

The economy is going through difficult times. Months and months of partial or total stoppage caused great losses to companies and many were those that failed or will not be able to survive the crisis caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

For businesses that remain afloat, every day new challenges and needs to adapt to the current context, the new way for consumers to buy and the conditions inherent to the fact that we are experiencing one of the greatest crises of our generation, arise. In addition to reinventing themselves in sales processes, there is a differentiating factor that no company should neglect for the proper functioning of its services: Customer Support.

Find out in this article why you should invest in good customer support, especially in the times in which we live, and what means you can use to have a more efficient customer support process.

The more complex your service or product, the more necessary it becomes to have a team dedicated exclusively to after-sales support. Although many companies devalue this area, customer support is much more than a problem-solving industry. It is, rather, an additional criterion to determine the quality of your services and products.

Currently, customer support service can be done completely remotely. From proprietary software that allows direct access to the customer's computer, to the automatic opening of tickets, there are several options that will allow a quick resolution of your customer's problems.

You can, for example, invest in CRM software. CRM plays an important role for customer support because this service encompasses several aspects such as marketing, sales and support. CRM software will allow you to:

  • Support the evolution of the company;
  • Access to data in real-time by the entire team;
  • Automation of data submission.

In addition to software or the traditional telephone line, you must invest in new channels that the customer prioritizes. For example, many companies bet on Whatsapp as a communication channel for customer support.

Every day, over 50 billion messages are exchanged on the platform and 98% of messages are opened and read, with 90% being read a few seconds after they are sent.

If you choose to use Whatsapp, you must make available on your website the option for the user to contact you through the platform. Whenever you use this channel to contact you, you must respond promptly. Viewing a message and leaving it unanswered for a long time gives an image of disinterest that is not positive for their perception of your company.

Finally, it is time to think about the customer support you provide in your company and reflect on the changes you can make in order to improve your service. Having quality customer support shows your customers that your work does not end with the sale, but with the guarantee that your services and products are useful for those who purchase them.

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