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Optimize your site for voice search

Our lives are becoming increasingly hectic these days, demanding maximum use of time. 

At the same time, Internet users demand faster and faster answers. As such, voice search has emerged as an alternative that responds to the need to save time and is growing significantly.


What is Voice Search?

Voice Search is a form of search that allows users to search the internet using voice commands, for example, a question dictated to their smartphone, computer, etc. With this method, the user does not type their search into Google. Therefore, it is necessary to optimise your website to meet the specific needs of voice search.


How to optimise your website for Voice Search?

Recent research shows that voice search has been on the rise.  The big challenge for websites is to bring content closer to human language so that it better answers the questions users ask when using voice search.


Optimise website texts with questions and answers

Introducing questions in website texts is essential. You should formulate these questions based on the searches that users make. These questions should also include specific keywords related to your business.

Logically, there should be answers to the questions posed. To optimize a text for voice search, it is essential to include clear answers to the questions asked.


Increase your site's domain authority 

Google tends to offer the best results to users' searches, looking for the most credible sites. Credibility is measured by domain authority. To improve domain authority (which is rated from 0 to 10), there should be several links from trusted sources directing to your site.


Optimise page loads

If the goal of using voice search is to monetise time, then having a website that loads quickly is essential. If your website takes time to load the page or images, Google will not choose you to display in search results and the user will abandon the site.


Increasing traffic to your website should always be one of your goals. Optimising your site for Voice Search will open up your visitors, improving your results.

If you are determined to optimize your website for Voice Search, talk to us! Zalox is a specialist in SEO Optimization and can help you optimize your site and meet the needs of today's users.

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