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Covid-19 changed the way we buy: how brands need to adapt

The Covid-19 global pandemic has brought about major changes in all aspects of our lives. One of the sectors that suffered most from the changes was Retail, but not everything was negative.

The pandemic created a unique opportunity for brands to capitalize on e-commerce. Online shopping has increased - mainly in the so-called “essential items” - and new markets and new customers have emerged. Coronavirus closed the world at home, which caused a significant acceleration in the online shopping trend.

Above all, it created a new market consisting of an older age group, which previously had an aversion to online shopping. The generation over 50 preferred physical stores, but discovered during the months of confinement the convenience of online shopping, to stay safe. These buyers, who were previously ignored by brands because they were not a good business opportunity, is now a market with potential and his needs must be taken into account.

However, more brands to invest in E-commerce also means greater competition. All businesses will have to think of new ways to distinguish themselves and deliver useful content to consumers. Below, we leave you with some suggestions to help you transition your business to the new reality of an eCommerce market with more and more players.


Invest in Digital Marketing channels

Channel your marketing budget to digital channels instead of traditional platforms. Invest in a good Content Marketing strategy that makes customers reach you, despite the competitors that invest much more in paid advertising.


Rethink your business model

Re-analyze your business model and make sure it is still valid in the context of the digital channels you are going to explore. Explore new forms of delivery, such as Click and Collect and allow longer return times.


Facilitate the customer experience

Make the necessary changes to your website and your team organization so that the customer experience is easy, fast and intuitive. A customer-focused and responsive UX design will create better purchasing conditions for your customers. Find new ways to make deliveries faster (as well as returns) and make sure your stock matches your customers' needs.


Invest in technological updating

Prepare your site for a greater flow of customers and invest in features of analysis and automated interaction with customers. Make sure your website adapts perfectly to mobile devices and if you identify that need, consider developing a mobile application.


All these changes will help you adapt to this new era of Electronic Commerce and boost your results in the new reality of commerce in which we live. If you need help adapting your e-commerce to the new times, contact Zalox. We are specialists in Electronic Commerce!

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