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What are the advantages of WordPress sites?

WordPress is the most used CMS (Content Management System) in the world. The open-source platform has been gaining more and more ground in recent years, and it's not by chance.

In total, more than 455 million websites are using WordPress in 2021. There are many reasons why so many people and companies choose to use WordPress on their websites, and these are the advantages that we will cover in this article.


Free is free. You can download, install and use it free of charge. The only investment you will have to make will be in a hosting platform.



This platform is without a doubt the simplest, most practical and most interesting solution to create a website today. WordPress allows the user to create complete websites, create and edit content pages and menus, as well as manage multimedia content such as images and videos.


Optimized for SEO

WordPress is already “pre-optimized” for search engines like Google. It also has some plugin options that can help you improve your site's performance.


Open code

As open-source software, the WordPress platform is constantly evolving. With several annual updates, namely in terms of security, WordPress is always ahead of the content management systems market.


Freedom of customization

Despite having several themes and templates available, WordPress allows for a high level of customization. With the help of a team of professionals, you'll be able to explore the platform's resources and create a truly original website.



There are thousands of plugins available that will help you customize your website according to your needs. From free to paid, there are definitely one or more plugins for everything you can imagine. For example, if you decide to have an e-commerce, there is a plugin for that, WooCommerce.


Are you convinced that WordPress is the right choice for you? If you want to develop a website in WordPress for your business and don't know where to start, contact us! Zalox is a specialist in WordPress website development.

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