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Digital Transformation in Restaurants: way beyond the Digital Menu

If you have a restaurant, work in the management of a restaurant establishment or are considering embarking on this sector, this article is for you.

Gone are the days when restaurants lived only on the quality of food, nowadays there are many more factors to consider, such as the quality of service, the efficiency of marketing efforts and the personalization of the experience. For this reason, the Restoration sector is changing, being pressured to join the Digital Transformation present in so many other areas. Today, we address the importance of Digital Transformation in the area of Restaurants and ​​Catering and how you can apply this concept to your establishment.

First of all, it is necessary to understand that there is a paradigm shift: currently, it is the restaurant that captures customers and adapts its offer to their preferences, instead of the other way around.

We are not referring only to the implementation of a Digital Marketing strategy, but to a set of actions that can be implemented at a technological level and that will improve the customer experience.


Online Presence

The first point to consider is the Digital Presence, of course. We are not only referring to the presence and updating of social media and websites, but also the presence on food and restaurant portals, and the availability of mobile applications. All of these aspects will keep the customer involved with the brand, remembering it and returning to it. All of these platforms are excellent ways to stand out from the competition, take advantage of them and attract more customers.


Digital menus and new ways to order

With the reopening of restaurants after the Covid-19 pandemic, hand delivery of menus was conditioned. Many restaurants have chosen to make digital menus accessible via QR code. However, although new to many, this approach is quite simple when compared to more advanced possibilities. Some restaurants already allow the customer to place their order individually via mobile devices, for example a tablet, following the information directly to the kitchen. In this way, there is no interaction with the employee, and communication is standardized.

Employees can also benefit from the technology, using proprietary software instead of the classic notebook, also reducing the margin of error for orders.


Invest in room management software

Good management software will help you manage your reservations, allowing them to be organized in the room plan before each service. The software will allow you to manage in real time the movement of the tables, facilitating the filling of the capacity.


Record of degree of satisfaction

Include in the customer experience the record of your degree of satisfaction. Today, many restaurants have technology that allows customers to fill out satisfaction forms before leaving. If the customer leaves without completing this step, it is possible to schedule the sending of an SMS with a link that will allow him or her to leave their comment.


These are some small changes that could help your restaurant to be catapulted and enter the wave of Digital Transformation. If you want to adapt your establishment to the new Digital era, talk to Zalox, we can help you find solutions tailored to your business.


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