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The importance of a multi-language website to reach international markets

In the global village we live in, knowledge of languages ​​is increasingly important for any citizen.

In the business sector, this knowledge is no less important. If your company's target audience includes people and entities from other countries and/or if you want to set up branches abroad, it is essential to train your employees to speak other languages.

Also, you should consider having your website ans social platforms available in at least one more language.

Having a multi-language website can be an excellent way to increase the base of potential customers, and a process that may prove to be crucial in the future, considering that we are increasingly living in the so-called “global village”.

Most companies offer a website version in the language of the country where they are based and an English version. The English language is considered by many to be the lingua franca and the language of business, largely because it is the most widely spoken language on the internet, with around 873 million English-speaking users (data from the Portuguese Language Observatory, 2016). It is also the most widely taught foreign language in the world.

However, many countries value the use of their official language, to the detriment of any foreign language.

In these cases, Mandarin, being the most widely spoken language in the world, may be a good option. Spanish, French and German, given the volume of speakers and geographical proximity (languages ​​spoken in Europe) are also excellent options for Portuguese companies.

A multi-lingual website also demonstrates that your company is focused and concerned with the customer experience. This little extra effort shows that your brand is concerned with making information about your products or services available in the language of the site's visitor, conveying confidence.

When creating content, it is also essential to take into account the cultural differences of your potential customers, so as not to disrespect their culture. In this way, you will be able to expand your area of ​​operation and make your content and products and services reach other markets.

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