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How to organize your company's Instagram feed in a appealing way?

Social media are an important part of any company's B2C (Business to Consumer) Marketing plan as a way of promoting content and services.

At the same time, social platforms allow you to be closer to potential customers and show a more relaxed side of your company's culture.

One of these social networks, and undoubtedly one of the most important today, is Instagram. This social network allows its users - individuals, companies, etc. - to share photos with captions and hashtags,creating a huge community on the internet.

Instagram is the ideal platform to demonstrate a more relaxed side of your company. However, organizing your feed appealingly and professionally, while keeping it fun and cool, is not an easy task. In this sense, today we present you with advice on how to organize your Instagram feed.

First, organize monthly schedules, at least. Set a cadence and the days you want to post on Instagram during the following month, preferably regularly. Next, think about the content you want to publish. This will help you maintain a constant presence on this social network.

Third, organize the images to be published according to a certain style and make your feed aesthetically uniform. Taking this care will give your feed an organized look. You can use your brand colors in small notes to create a thread between the various pictures.

It is also important not to settle. Try to constantly innovate and refresh your feed with quality and relevant content for your followers.

You should also be aware of the content and hours that work best for you to get the best results. This will allow you to adapt your strategy from time to time.

In terms of content, since Instagram is a social network based on images, avoid long captions and adjust the amount of content to the preferences of your target audience. Use hashtags as a promotion mechanism for your account.

Finally, don't forget to interact with your followers and other company accounts in your segment. Ask questions through story polls, respond to comments, ask for opinions. Don't forget that this is a social network!

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