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Tik Tok - what is this phenomenon and how can it be useful for your company?

Currently, most children, youth and adults use at least one social network.

Among the most popular are Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. However, recently, a social network has gained importance among young people, Tik Tok.

But what is Tik Tok after all?

The merge of the Douyin application - by the Chinese company ByteDance - with the one acquired by (both lip-synch applications), gave rise to Tik Tok. This free social network allows the creation and sharing of short videos (from 15 to 60 seconds), using numerous editing tools, filters and the possibility of inserting music, as well as the opportunity to interact with other users, through duets, comments and viral challenges.

Tik Tok also allows the possible rapid success of any person and video, while promoting the creativity of users in the most varied topics of interest.

This social network has shown significant growth worldwide, with an increase in the number of first installations from 131.5 billion in 2017 to 378 billion in 2019 (Clement, J. - Statista, 2020). Portugal is no exception, with several Portuguese personalities using the application, namely popular youtubers, such as Want.

How can Tik Tok be useful for your business?

If you want to publicize your business among the younger population or show the relaxed social character of your company, a good option is to make Tik Toks with your employees or short videos showing your work. You can also partner with an influencer to promote your work or choose to buy an in-app ad. You only have to take into account your target audience, to be able to expand in your area of ​​operation.


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