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Instagram will let users download everything they've ever shared

With the new General Data Protection Regulation about to enter into force, all companies that process data are implementing the measures necessary to comply with the GDPR.

Instagram has confirmed that it will allow users to download personal data, including photos, videos and previously shared messages on the social network.

Facebook, the company that owns Instagram, has recently been embroiled in a scandal where data from thousands of Facebook users were used by the company Cambridge Analytica to service Donald Trump's presidential campaign during the last US presidential election.

While Facebook immediately announced measures to strengthen its privacy policy, Instagram took a little longer to speak up but finally announced some measures aimed at enforcing the GDPR and protecting the data of its users.

An Instagram spokesman revealed that soon it will be possible to download a copy of everything he shared on Instagram, including photos, videos and messages.

The tool will be for users who wish to extract shared data from Instagram. Photos and videos may no longer exist in their original form but this tool will allow you to download the content that was shared on the social network.

For now, this is the information available, but we look forward to more information about this tool's features, especially about the possibility to export lists of followers, Likes, comments, Stories, among others.

Regarding the prevailing doubts, Instagram stated that it will share more details very soon when the tool is launched.

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