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Google AMP stories: Google will use stories to present news

Google does not stop announcing new things. This time, the technology giant announced a new format to present news: Google AMP Stories. Sound familiar? It's normal.

The new format is focused on mobile devices and was thought to present news. It brings together two formats that are true trends. Firstly, the AMP technology and secondly, the Stories format popularized by Snapchat and Instagram.

For those who do not know the AMP project, it is an open source initiative that aims to make the internet faster and give better performance to websites that use this format. The project allows the creation of faster websites and ads, loaded almost instantly on mobile devices, from the usual eight seconds that mobile pages usually take to load for only two seconds.

Stories are an information presentation format popularized by Snapchat and meanwhile reimagined by Instagram. Stories can be described as a kind of "cards" with a very minimalist and intuitive design.

Google's proposal, AMP + Stories, adds features to the AMP and Stories, resulting in an innovative format that will surely appeal to the user.

The information is presented in "carousel" format that AMP already uses, resembling a slide show. The big difference with AMP articles is that the information can be presented in various formats, from a combination of text and image, moving images or even video. By the characteristics of the AMP, the news is presented at a much faster speed. To advance to the next "story", the user must click on the right side of the screen, and to the left to go back, just like the Instagram stories.

As was initially the case with AMP technology, this feature is still only available to certain partners, which include The Washington Post, CNN, Mic, Conde Nast, Wired, People and the Mashable site.

In any case it seems to us a very interesting feature, in that it promotes interaction with the user, allowing you to select in a much more intuitive way the content you are interested in consuming.

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