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Using Chatbots in Human Resources

We live in a time when every day we see technological advances that improve our quality of life. This evolution of technology is reflected in all quarters of society, namely at work, within companies.

We have talked in the past about using chatbots in Digital Marketing and how companies use these robots to increase productivity in Customer Support, but there are many areas where chatbots can be used. Today, we discuss the use of Chatbots in the Human Resources sector.

A chatbot is a computer program that is designed to convincingly simulate how a human would lead a conversation. For many companies, conversation robots are a way to optimize customer support by increasing sales, especially in cases where there is no ability to respond to all requests for information and support.

The most advanced chatbots use Artificial Intelligence, which allows them to perform activities and answer more complex questions, recognizing not only keywords, but also the context. Because they do not sleep and as such "work" 24 hours a day, they are valuable resources for businesses.

A growing trend is the use of chatbots in the area of ​​Human Resources. Most of the questions put to the responsible or the Human Resources team of companies concern payments, vacations, taxes, among others. If the answers to this information are provided by a robot, the costs of the company are reduced because the human resources professionals can dedicate themselves to other tasks.

By collecting frequent employee issues, you can identify valuable information for chatbot programming and, on the other hand, help identify employee trends and dissatisfaction points. This can be helpful in troubleshooting.

Another application of Chatbots in Human Resources is the use of these robots in an early recruitment phase. Using a set of relevant questions, the bots will be able to interact with the candidates and conduct a screening that will save recruiters some time.

Applying chatbots to your company's Human Resources can bring very positive results to your organization. Internationally, more and more companies opt for these technological solutions to increase the productivity of their teams.

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