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Instagram Reels: the importance of the Tik Tok competitor for brands

Reels is the latest Instagram feature.

As with other features, Facebook's social network has created a version of itself from a pre-existing successful application. In this case, Reels is a version of TikTok, the social network that grew in popularity between 2019 and 2020, especially among younger people.

Reels allows users to record 15-second videos, with filters and other special effects. These short videos are published on Instagram and are available in a separate tab. This is the great advantage of Reels in relation to the competitor Tiktok, it is not necessary to download another application, allowing people who were not willing to use another application to try this format of short videos of 15 seconds.

Instagram Reels may also attract users because TikTok is being blocked in countries like the United States of America, given the connection to China.

However, this will not be an easy battle for Instagram. Tiktok has over 2 billion uses and the age group of users is lower than that of Instagram.

Don't know how to make a video on Reels? We teach you:

    1. Download or update Instagram to the latest version and open the application;

   2. Open the Instagram camera in stories and click on Reels at the bottom of the screen;

   3. Tap the record button to shoot your video (up to 15 seconds);

   4. Explore Reels' editing tools, including placing audio, text or other effects. Some augmented reality effects are also available.

   5. Post your video to Instagram feed or stories. You can save your video in your drafts and come back to edit it later.


In the early days after the launch of this new feature, many brands already had content published on Reels. Whether through new viral challenges, already popular on Instagram and Tiktok or through partnerships with Digital Influencers, Reels is an original way to reach a more demanding and dynamic audience.

Creativity is the watchword on this platform and, when it comes to content, creators have more and more resources to explore and test new ideas. Consumers increasingly value the work of brands that bet on different formats, so Instagram Reels is an opportunity to stand out from the competition.

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