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Benefits of Video Content Marketing on Social Media

Social networks play a major role in the lives of consumers today. Most purchases are motivated by the content placed by brands on their social networks, inspiring consumers.

However, brands often fall into the error of favouring some content formats over others, not varying. For example, a company that always posts articles on their blog without venturing into other formats is making this mistake.

In recent years, video has gained prominence as a format in content marketing strategies due to the reach and engagement it generates. When incorporated into social networks, videos generate more interactions and tend to have a higher return on investment than other forms of content marketing. For many users, video is the preferred type of online content.

Below we list some of the reasons why it is essential to include video in your digital marketing strategy.

Firstly, several studies show that internet users prefer to learn about products and topics through video rather than other formats. Video is more appealing to the human eye than text and can become a great ally for companies.

On the other hand, it is also an excellent way to make your content accessible to everyone. Video allows the visually impaired to hear your message - which does not happen with text - and the hearing impaired to see the images, which you can enrich with captions.

Video is also, as a rule, optimized for Google searches. The algorithm of the most famous search engine in the world favours video content, showing it above text-based content. The reason is simple: people love videos and Google shows what its users prefer.

Finally, and taking into account all the evidence mentioned above, it was clear that video content generates greater engagement with the audience and, therefore, probably with its target audience. The video is so versatile, it allows you so many creative ways to tell stories and make your product known, that there is no reason not to surrender to this dynamic and proven format.

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