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How to protect your brand on Social Media

Digital Marketing is a cornerstone of any brand's digital strategy and social media is one of the most important components of this strategy.

Regardless of the market segment, if your company wants to have identity and be an online authority, you have to make the effort to build a presence on social networks.

However, Marketing on social media has some associated risks and can be dangerous for less prepared brands. In this article, we've listed four techniques to protect your brand on social networks.

1. Develop a Social Media Policy

Most companies have a team responsible for managing their pages on social media, but it's wise to be aware of what other employees post and share. Having a document describing your social media policy, somewhat like an Editorial Statute, will help you understand what is aligned with the brand strategy and position and what may jeopardize your security and reputation.

The Social Media Policy document should include information on rights to use images and other content, sharing procedures on various social networks, the roles of each team member, a statement of the brand's vision, and information about confidential data that never should be disseminated on social media.

2. Control over the name of your brand

Each company should choose the most appropriate social networks for their goals. However, you should not neglect networks where you do not have so much expression, keeping brand pages. This is important because other users, individuals or companies, can use the name of your brand and damage your reputation. 

In addition, having multiple "paths" to your site is beneficial to SEO, which can play a lot in your favor.

3. Keep your passwords safe

Gone is the time when having all the passwords in a document was secure. With the possibility of being attacked by well-known hackers, marketers must implement additional security measures to protect their social media accounts.

One of the most commonly used techniques is two-step verification (also known as two-factor authentication), which adds an extra layer of security to the account. In gmail, for example, you can set up your accounts so that a security code is sent to your mobile phone after entering the correct password.

4. Monitor Social Media

Anyone can leave negative comments about your brand on social networks and negative publicity has the ability to spread much faster than positive. Although there are not many ways to prevent someone from saying badly about your brand, there is a way to know that this is happening and to deal with this crisis as quickly as possible.

Use social media monitoring tools and you will be notified each time your brand name is mentioned. You can also set up Google alerts and receive in your email all news, articles etc that pertain to your company.

An online presence takes a long time to build, but can collapse with a single error. All the tactics above are useful to help you protect your brand on social media and ensure that these platforms are always tools to increase the credibility of your brand and not the other way around.

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