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Marketing Ideas for this Cyber ​​Monday

Cyber ​​Monday is the name given in the context of Marketing to the Monday immediately after Thanksgiving.

"Cyber ​​Monday" was created by marketing companies to motivate customers to shop online. This year, it will be celebrated on the 27th of November.

Although quite recent, Cyber Monday is an important date for merchants with online stores, an excellent opportunity to achieve good results and win new customers. However, competition is fierce and all brands will compete for customer attention, which can make it difficult to differentiate yourself. Today, we leave you 4 proposals of Marketing actions to implement this Cyber ​​Monday.

Offer more than free shipping

When it comes to online shopping, shipping costs are almost always an extra expense to consider. However, despite being a good incentive, the offer of free shipping is something already expected and almost given as guaranteed.

All brands offer shipping costs on this date, so advertising free shipping will not make potential customers look twice at your site.

Instead, try thinking of something different and unique, such as an extra item of your choice or a gift related to your product. For example, if your brand sells backpacks, you may offer a waterproof cover to protect your backpack.

 Create a Gift Suggestions Guide

Cyber ​​Monday is quite close to Christmas and many consumers take advantage of the special offers to get gifts for their loved ones. Therefore, it can make life easier for your customers if you provide a Christmas gift guide for each family member, for example.

Promote this guide and suggestions on your brand’s social media and bring customers to your site. You can even turn to email marketing by sending specific gift guides to contact lists that are targeted by demographics.

Encourage customers to shop for a cause

Nowadays, brands are betting a lot on social responsibility as part of their identity and Cyber ​​Monday is another good opportunity to explore the solidarity component of your company.

Choose a charity to work with and donate a percentage of Cyber ​​Monday's profits to this cause. Inform your customers of your action and you will not only see increased sales, it will help you build a good image of your brand by associating with good causes.

 Use humor

Most banners use the same slogans, as "Single Opportunity," "Just Today," etc. Try to stand out by using a humorous approach to your marketing actions, especially on social media, where interaction with followers is conducive to identifying with your humorous posts.

Organize a Practical Guide to how to shop in your store on this Cyber ​​Monday and make fun and original suggestions that customers enjoy reading and considering useful.

In this extremely competitive day, the most important thing is to be different. Try to think outside the box, moving away from the obvious and what all companies do and try to think about what would attract you as a customer.

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