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Google says Portuguese sites are the slowest in Europe

Google study says Portuguese mobile websites are among the slowest in Europe

Technology giant Google has tested the speed of European websites when accessed through a smartphone and concluded that Portugal has the slowest websites in Europe. But do not be discouraged, slowness is general on European sites.

On average, it takes about 10.2 seconds to open a Portuguese web page on your mobile phone. According to the study, Portuguese websites are only one second slower than the European average, but only faster than Turkish websites.

Google says 53 percent of people give up on seeing a site that has not uploaded after three seconds, which is not good news for a country where websites take 7 more seconds to upload.

To reach these conclusions, Google analyzed the main site entry pages of 11 different sectors from 17 European countries, from the automotive, entertainment, government, among others. In our country, the sites that presented the best results were those of entertainment and the worst, Government and education.

The best performance is from German sites, which have an average load speed of 8.1 seconds, still 5 seconds above the ideal time according to Google.

For Google, the problem lies in trying to create mobile sites with the same elements as the ones on the web. There has to be a better articulation between design and programming, so that designers create websites adapted to the limitations and potentialities of the medium. One of the solutions presented by Google is the creation of sites with fewer images and heavy files at the top of the pages, so that "users find that the site is already fully loaded earlier." Google's AMP project has already been used to publish more than two billion websites.

If you'd like to evaluate your site's performance and receive correction suggestions, you can do so through the Test My Site tool, which Google released in January.

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