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How to interact on your company’s Instagram?

Instagram can be very beneficial for your business. Whilst it makes it more visible, it allows you to promote your services in a relaxed way and to interact with a more dynamic audience than in other social networks, like Facebook.

However, it is necessary to have good management of your content and of the way you interact with the account’s followers.

Primarily, and as a guide for all of the other tips, you should identify and study your target audience. Identify the characteristics of the people you want to reach with your posts.  Imagine yourself in their shoes and think about the content you would like to receive on the part of the company. Analyse if that type of content is well received in other platforms and reinvent it for your Instagram’s feed. This will help you to define the tone of the content you intend to share: more informative, relaxed, etc...

Whenever you receive interactions in your posts, as example, comments, interact in return with that person: like their comments, answer to the ones you think are relevant, share the posts of your own followers you think are praiseworthy. This will make people feel they were noted and may develop a fidelization to the company.

Seek to personalize the messages and comments to each user. Use their name, emojis and, above all, make this approach in a nice tone and available to answer any question or necessity.

The previous point introduces a particularly important theme: the customization of interaction through, for example, direct messages. If the customer support is more detailed or there is a more personalized order, you can talk to this customer through private messages. In addition to making the user and potential customer feel more important, you should avoid sensitive issues or the ones that involve complaints or negative feedback in the comments.

Don’t forget, as well, the interactions with other brands with which you identify.  This can result in future collaborations. The same happens with partners. Mention your partners in adequate posts, comments, etc.

All the interactions make the account of your company more “human” and less formal. These are definitely an added value in the promotion of a brand and should, therefore, be always made with the values of the company in mind. You should use a simple language more adequate to your company’s image.


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