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How to use Digital Marketing to recover your company's turnover

The current situation faced in Portugal and worldwide, resulting from the new Coronavirus spread is having an impact on companies' turnover and, as such, on the economy.

If you are part of the thousands of entrepreneurs affected by this unprecedented crisis, you must look for ways to stabilize your company and recover from the damages caused by the decrease or total elimination of revenue during this period.

We believe that this crisis, although painful for many, can be overcome by using the appropriate strategies. One of the most valuable tools is adapting a new Digital Marketing strategy.

Analyze the Digital Marketing strategy you have been putting into practice, identify the techniques that have not had positive results and reformulate or replace them with other ideas. Identify the strategies that were working and bet on their improvement. You must analyze your customers' feedback and use it in order to progress with your plan and always adapt to current contingencies.

Starting with social media, these are platforms where you will expose and promote your business. Social networks have a privileged position in terms of search results. Therefore, you should invest time in updating and creating new and relevant content for your target audience. Social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are certainly a good bet, given their popularity. On the other hand, with the majority of citizens confined to their homes, internet usage has grown a lot. Teleworking has become a more present reality, “consumption of streaming channels has risen by 45% and video-on-demand services by 75%” (Expresso, March 2020), and even the use of social networks has increased, which can be a good opportunity for you.

Another suggestion is to create content for a blog. Create a blog of your own company or use, for example, the LinkedIn blogging platform. Share stories related to your company's services and arouse interest in your audience.

Another way to increase your competitiveness in the market is the analysis and comparison of the strategies or products of other companies in your segment. Examine the Marketing strategies they adopt: if they are well received, what would you improve, etc. This way, you can create a strategy without the gaps you have identified in your competitors. Mainly, you will be able to understand what makes you stand out, highlighting these characteristics.

Finally, strengthen direct contact with your customers. Get to know their opinion and guide them in the decision-making process. This makes them feel important and increases the likelihood of loyalty to the company. You can even recover customers in this new phase.

In conclusion, the important thing is to remain positive and to look enthusiastically for new ways to resume sales of your business. Try to improve every detail of your strategy. Over time, it will recover its turnover and have a prosperous period again.


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