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How to improve your presence on social media as a small business


In this digital age, it is impossible to choose not to have an active digital presence on social media. Be it a small or large company, social platforms are essential to stand out from the competition and make your brand known to potential customers.

In addition to the possibility of making yourself known to a much larger audience, these pages are also ways to drive traffic to your company's website.

That said, it is still difficult for small companies to prioritize social media, especially when there is a shortage of human resources. Today, we leave you with some useful tips for making the right decisions and improving your presence on social media as a small business.


Choosing the right platforms for your business

Sometimes less is more. If you are not able to have all your pages on the different platforms properly updated, it is best to choose the ones that you consider most relevant to your market segment. Select 3 or 4 of the most popular social networks and invest seriously in them. The most popular social networks are usually Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram, but it must be kept in mind that the best network for one company may not be for another.


Set goals and formulate a strategy

When creating your social media profiles, you should make sure that each of your goals is specific, measurable and realistic. When setting a realistic, goal-based plan, it is much more likely to meet your expectations and attract new followers.

Defining an effective and realistic strategy is also essential. Planning the content and graphic identity of your posts and ideal times for posting is extremely important for your social media strategy.


Don't promote too much

Despite being quite effective for this purpose, social networks were not designed to be advertising platforms, but to promote interaction with other people. You should limit the promotion of services on your page to less than 20%, as users get tired of seeing repetitive promotional content. This will prevent your followers from feeling that they are receiving spam from your brand.


Monitor results

There is no point in having a presence on social networks without measuring results. When you feel you have a good presence on social media, you will need to measure your progress.

You can analyze your progress using tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics, among others, identifying what is working and what is not, in order to adjust your strategy.


It is never too late to start or improve your presence on social networks, be it a small family business, a startup, or a company about to enter the market. Implement these tips and you will see that your digital presence will leverage your business and take you to the next level.

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