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Reasons why apps fail and how to avoid them

There are millions of mobile applications available in the main app markets.

The decision to download an application by the common user is made in a few seconds and, in addition to the low decision-making time, there is still a huge range of options available to fight for the user's attention.

Thus, not all applications have the desired success and many fail. Today, we cover the main reasons why mobile applications fail and how to avoid them.


Little understanding of the market and target audience

The expectation is that users will love your application, but that assumption must be supported by strong research and in-depth understanding of your product's target audience.

Research on the market and the target audience will not only help you in the development phase of the project but also in planning marketing strategies that will help you attract customers.

A successful launch strategy for your application must be supported by in-depth research and a broad understanding of your target audience.

Lack of originality

There is no denying it: there are thousands of similar mobile applications. When developing your application idea you should do competitive research, analyzing the weaknesses and strengths of your competition. This assessment will allow you to define your own competitive advantage and build a product with value compared to your competitors.

The creation of original mobile applications must be supported by Design Thinking processes, through which the teams will validate the product concept and develop a valid prototype. This methodology is especially useful to help identify and correct bugs and gaps early in the project when it is still much cheaper to make changes.


Poor user experience

As already mentioned, there are many applications similar to yours. The one that offers the best user experience will be the one that remains on users mobile devices.

If your mobile application is not intuitive, and a user has to work hard to discover the basic features, the usability needs to be improved. Some examples of poor user experience include:

  • The application is slow (performance problems);
  • Long loading times;
  • Registration of sessions too complex;
  • Features that are difficult to access.

If you want your application to have a high download rate and, above all, retain users, it is important to make a good impression in the first moments the user uses it. Zalox can help you to develop your mobile application, avoiding these basic errors that cause so many applications to fail.

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