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How Social Media Can Help Small Businesses

Initially designed as platforms to interact with friends, social media are currently very powerful marketing tools for businesses.

Unfortunately, these platforms are often overlooked by small businesses, for reasons and limitations related to the very nature of enterprises. In most cases, small business employees are busy and preoccupied with more urgent tasks and with more direct and visible results, such as sales, neglecting the digital strategy.

However, a poorly cared profile with no content can be worse than not having a presence on social media as it passes a sloppy image of your brand.

Create a Brand

Even for those who do not have large budgets, social media are essential tools and offer free exposure to a wide audience. When you begin, you must establish a Brand in the true sense of the word, that is, an identity.

Your identity is all about your brand, from the perception others have of it, the content you share and create, and the way you relate to your followers. Examples of iconic companies that have been very successful in creating a Brand in social media are, for example, Coca-Cola or Taco-Bell. A well-established brand with a well-defined identity conveys an idea of ​​trust and familiarity, which will help your company to be chosen from competitors.

Know your audience

Social Media are also very useful for getting to know your audience better. Almost all platforms provide statistical data related to the public, from age group, gender, hours in which they are most active, among others, which are very useful for a better understanding of your followers. Knowledge of these data will give you a broader perspective of who your audience is, what type of content they react to the most, the best times to publish content, and more. That is, by knowing your audience, you will be able to adapt your strategy to make it more efficient.

Do not expect social media to work for you

One very important aspect to take into account is that social media are a serious commitment and require consistency. One misconception is that social media are the solution to business problems, just because they exist. Do not just create a page and leave it waiting for likes and interactions. You need to invest time and energy on these platforms so you can reap the rewards. Whatever the size of the company, you should see social media as a priority. Digital Marketing is the future.

You can always choose to have an external team manage your social networks. Zalox is a specialist in Digital Marketing in Social Media, contact us and we will outline a personalized digital strategy for your brand.

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