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How to prepare your Christmas Marketing Campaign on Social Media

As Christmas approaches, the Internet is filled with digital marketing actions aimed at the festive season.

By this time, big brands already have their Christmas campaigns prepared for months, counting on big budgets that allow them extravagant actions with great exposure to the public. However, many small businesses do not have the same budget flexibility, and planning and implementing a Christmas campaign can be a real challenge.

Christmas is a great season for shopping, with customers flocking to physical and online stores in search of the perfect gift for their loved ones. That's why it's the perfect opportunity for companies to design marketing campaigns that help them achieve great results.

In this article, we help you prepare a Digital Marketing Campaign for Christmas on social networks.

1. Creative and different content

All brands, big or small, promote Christmas campaigns on social media. In addition, consumers are becoming more demanding and critical about marketing actions. Modern consumers prefer to see creative, intelligent and humorous content that puts them at the center of the campaign.

Put yourself in the public place and think about what you would like to see, trying to create some kind of interaction.

2. Decorate your social media

Just as you decorate your Christmas tree or your home, think of your social media pages and your website as blank canvases that you can decorate in honor of the festive season. Avoid common and repetitive elements, be creative and make different posts that draw the attention of those who follow you.

Use the various formats available your platforms - images, video, gifs, text, among others - and use online advertising to increase the reach of your publications.

3. Set Goals

A Christmas campaign on social media can have several goals: to reach new customers, or just those that are already loyal? Expand the number of followers on a specific network? Increase sales by a specific percentage? Which audience to reach? In order for your campaign to work, you must have the goals very well defined, as the campaign planning itself will be influenced by those goals.


4. Schedule an original Christmas message

If you think that Christmas is the time to rest from social media, rethink that decision. Your audience will be online and willing to interact with your brand. Whether it's a small, medium or large company, it's important that your followers have a good image of your brand.

So, you should leave a Christmas message on your social media, preferably original and running away from the usual "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!". There are several tools for scheduling publications, you can use one and enjoy Christmas as a family.

5. Prepare a special Christmas offer

Christmas is perhaps the best time of year for traders. The consumer spirit of customers can be further boosted through special offers. Offer a freebie, a discount, or a voucher to use later, and you'll see your sales increase considerably.

In conclusion, the idea is that the most important thing is to be original and try to differentiate yourself from the competition. If you choose to have a Marketing team dealing with your social media marketing campaign, contact Zalox, we are specialists in Digital Marketing.

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