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Zalox’s team faced off in a Karts race!

At the end of another year, Zalox’s team decided to go back to doing a group activity on Christmas.

The idea came up some time ago and everyone was enthusiastic about the challenge: we chose to do a go-kart race. For weeks, we debated who would win, predictions and even some bets.

The race was scheduled for December 15, at the Kart Center in Matosinhos.

After a brief explanation of Karts and safety regulations, it was time to put on helmets and stopped being a team. From there, it was each by itself.

It can be said that some elements of our team revealed a competitive spirit until then unknown, surprising everyone.

The truces were then made to the dinner table but there is a bet that involves a Francesinha which does not escape being paid (yes, Zé, this time there is no escape). The rematch ... just next year.

1. Francisco

2. Daniel

3. Pedro

4. Micael

5. Zé

6. Tiago

7. João

8. Beatriz

9 Lúcia

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