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Facebook Watch: the new Audiovisual Platform of Facebook

It's no secret that video content is one of the digital world’s biggest bets.

Recent data show that more and more people are accessing Facebook to consume audiovisual content, so the social network decided to enter the race and created a platform to host video content that promises to make Youtube and Netflix tremble with fear.

The new platform is called "Watch" and was released to a limited group of American users who had access to Facebook’s new functionality.

Users using Watch will be able to make the viewing of content a social experience, as there is a tool in the platform that will allow them to be in contact with other fans of that content. With this new platform, users will be able to comment on the programs they are watching, as well as join communities of interest.

Initial content producers will be able to choose whether to make their content available for free or insert ads at breaks. The social network imposes no creative limits on its partners, but sexually explicit or violent content is automatically banned.

Among the programs that will be available in this first version of Facebook Watch are:

  • Tastemade: Kitchen Little - A cooking program in which children watch videos of recipes, and later try to replicate them with the help of a recognized chef;

  • Major League Baseball - The North American Baseball League will have, at least once a week, a game to be broadcast live on Facebook;

  • National Geographic: "We're Wired That Way:" - Small documentaries about curious peculiarities inherent in the human being;

  • NASA's "Science @ NASA" - Five-minute episodes on science-related topics.

“Watch” funding comes from advertising, with 45% of revenue reverting to Facebook and 55% to content producers. By creating original and diverse content, Facebook plans to increase its advertising revenue.

At this time, the platform is available to all North Americans and promises to extend to the whole world soon.

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