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Essential elements of a Social Media post

Whenever your business publishes something on social networks, you're fighting for the attention of your followers and platform users.

In the midst of so much content from friends, family, and other businesses, it is essential that your content differentiate you in a way that stands out. Being creative and innovative is part of the recipe for success, however, there are some elements that are universal and that you should include in your publications, regardless of which platform you are using.

Image or Video

Any posts you make, whether on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter should include a picture or video. In statistical terms, the data is clear: publications with images and videos have interaction levels up to 150% higher than those with only text.

On the other hand, including a picture or video makes your publication significantly larger taking up more space in your followers' news feed, which draws much more attention than text-only posts.

Creative title

If images and video are the best way to capture the attention of social media users, the title is the next element in the list. The title or description of your publication should clearly state the benefits of clicking on the post, watching the video, or only paying attention to the content you've posted. Marketing experts advise you never to opt for the first title version you write. Write multiple versions, rewrite and delete all unnecessary words, keeping only the essentials that will catch the user's attention.

Well-defined goals

Many brands publish on social media just because they think they are supposed to do so. We believe that social media are for all companies, but each one's approach to these platforms must be differentiated according to their objectives. If your business goal is to drive traffic to your site, use specific techniques to do so; If your goal is to increase interaction on social media, create interesting and entertaining content.

That is, it is essential to clearly define the goals of your presence on social media before you start posting, because that is what will dictate your digital marketing strategy and determine the tone and content of your publications.

Social Media Calendar

Defining a social media calendar is indispensable. Both users and search engines respond well to consistent, well-organized content. Avoid publishing only once a month or when you have time: If you set a cadence of two or three weekly posts you will see that the interaction numbers will be much larger.

Also, setting a publishing calendar saves you time because you can plan for the time it will take to create this content, leaving you free for other tasks, rather than creating anything at the last minute. 

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