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Facebook Messenger will get ads

In 2014, Facebook and Messenger were separated and the instant messaging platform became a separate application.

Although many users initially resisted, Facebook Messenger recently reached 1.2 billion monthly active users.

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Messenger was going to include ads. In this article, we compile all the information about Messenger ads and how you can use them for the benefit of your business.


Official mockups presented by Facebook show ads that occupy two-thirds of a smartphone's screen. This dimension is not visually pleasing to the user, but has the advantage of only allowing one ad to be displayed at a time, not several, as in the Facebook News Feed.

User experience

The big disadvantage of Messenger ads is the same as most online advertising: they interrupt the experience of using the app. Once you enter the app, an ad appears in the center of the interface, which can be poorly received by Messenger users.

Messenger ads seem to be decontextualized in Messenger, which is not a social network, but an instant messaging service. That's Messenger's big purpose.


Messenger ads use the same targeting as Facebook. That is, assume that if we have likes on certain pages, we will be interested in seeing ads for that brand, which is not necessarily true.

For brands, this new functionality of Messenger may be interesting, but for now there is not much data on results obtained with Messenger ads.

For the average user, the bad news is that it is not possible to disable ads permanently in Messenger. You can only hide a specific ad that you do not want to see. 

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