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Design based on User Experience creates profit

Global business consultant McKinsey & Company recently released a study showing that design based on user experience is beneficial and profitable for businesses.

300 companies from different segments, in different countries, participated in the survey. During 5 years, they were analyzed regarding the application of the good practices of Design and User Experience (UX).

The bottom line is that UX best-practice design increases business profit by 10 per cent and shareholder return by 21 per cent.

Throughout the study, different methodologies were used, such as quantitative research and interviews with professionals in leadership, business and design positions. One of the actions that contributes to profit is placing someone responsible for Design, user experience, or both on the executive board.

An index based on 4 factors was also created that served to create a ranking of companies. The 75 best companies, that is, those that generated the highest profit, act strongly in these aspects:


1) Design decisions are located in leadership positions rather than intermediate levels of management;

2) User Experience is studied through concrete actions to understand customer needs;

3) Design is the responsibility of everyone within the company, not a specific department;

4) User-centred Design is not just a discrete and irreversible phase in product development.


So it became clear that Design and User Experience occupy a pivotal place in business today, but many companies still don't have that mindset. The goal is that, with this data, companies will come to see Design as a priority and as a factor that will help them grow and achieve their strategic goals.

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