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5 Signs Your Business Needs ERP Software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a management solution that companies use to help them with their expansion strategies.

Many organizations use ERP software to manage their processes, from project management, logistics issues, accounting, purchasing, sales, etc.

If you don't already use ERP software and think you don't need one, this article is for you. Today we cover the five signs that your business needs ERP software.


You are very dependent on disperse documents.

A common problem for companies that do not have an ERP yet is their reliance on scattered documents, usually error-prone, easily corrupted Excel files. This clutter usually gets worse due to lack of integration with other departments, creating duplicates and less useful documents in general.

Excel, while inexpensive and easy to use, cannot handle the complexity that some business processes lack.


Functional areas use isolated systems

Companies with many departments often need these sectors to communicate with each other. However, many companies still have independent systems that cannot communicate with each other, creating operational inefficiencies. With an integrated ERP, these teams can communicate, query relevant data for each other, manage inventory, orders and other operations.


Data is inaccurate

Without an integrated ERP system, crucial business decisions are made based on inaccurate data that require manual manipulation. Prediction and decision making based on isolated data that is not properly analyzed is the recipe for disaster.

Operational intelligence is essential for decision making in an efficient organization.


Inability to monitor data in real-time

Nowadays, analyzing data in real-time is essential for any organization. Having access to real-time processed data is essential for productivity control, responding to customer orders and forecasting deliveries.

The lack of an integrated ERP system that provides real-time information means that managers will be harmed.


Inability to see "the big picture" of business performance

One of the most pressing signs of the need for ERP software is not being able to get a sense of company performance “as a whole”. With an integrated system, it is possible to cross data from all departments of the company, keeping the data all on one platform.


Access to accurate data offered by an integrated ERP system is essential. Costs, production inefficiencies and even security issues are not visible without real-time data and a comprehensive view of the business.


If you recognize any of these signals in your company, it is time to consider adopting an integrated ERP system. Zalox specializes in software development. If you want to develop a solution for your company, contact us, we are happy to help you achieve your goals.

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