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Customer Support Strategies using WhatsApp

Nowadays, instant messaging applications are at the core of our lives.

"I'll WhatsApp it to you" came to be in the day-to-day vocabulary of citizens. In some cases, social media like Facebook are already outnumbered by these applications, as is the case with Whatsapp.

Messaging platform Whatsapp currently has more than 1.3 billion users worldwide. The app allows you to write, make calls and video calls, exchange files and photos, send audio messages, and other features. One of the most popular features of this app is group conversations.

So it makes sense to include Whatsapp in your brand's digital strategy, especially through customer support.

The big argument for including WhatsApp in your customer support service is the large number of people who use it every day: more than 50 billion messages are exchanged on the platform every day, 98% of messages are opened and 90% are read a few seconds after they are sent.

Next, let's explore the best Customer Support Strategies using WhatsApp, techniques that professionals can deploy to engage customers, customize interactions, and enhance their experience with your business.

First of all, you should include the option to contact you through WhatsApp on your site. Whenever people use this channel to contact you, you should respond promptly. As with Messenger, the client or potential client can identify whether your message has been viewed. Viewing a message and leaving it unanswered for a long time passes an image of disinterest that is not positive for the perception they have of your company.

You can also use WhatsApp to customize the messages you send to your customers. Sending congratulations on birthdays and other important events with a unique offer will make the client feel special.

You should also use this app to update the client about the state of their service. Ensuring an uncomplicated service plays a crucial role in the customer experience and for this, it is essential to keep the customer up to date. WhatsApp is a very economical service to send these communications.

It is also useful to send updates about each stage of the delivery life cycle and for the customer to place orders, give relevant information, etc.

If you are a service provider, you may have to schedule maintenance outages. You can use WhatsApp to:

  •  Inform customers about planned outages with details such as date, time, and what services would be affected.
  •  Notify customers of an unplanned outage, possible reason and expected resolution time.


Finally, you should think of WhatsApp as one more tool to get closer to your customers and improve their experience with your business. As a platform that allows the exchange of instant messages, Whatsapp users expect speed and readiness from companies.

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