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Our new website is online!

Today is a huge milestone for Zalox: we present our new website to the public.


With the growth of our team, we decided to develop a more technological advanced website.

Thus, we have strived to develop a more modern solution that represents us as a team and has the quality we offer our customers.

On Zalox's website, you will find renewed content, new ways of contact and some of the projects we have been developing.

Mobile is currently a priority and Zalox has followed this trend. The desktop and mobile versions have been developed independently in order to guarantee the best user experience, respecting the most used and recent platforms.

As in the previous version, the site is available in Portuguese and English.

However, not only did we change our website, but also our identity changed: the cyan blue that accompanied us for years has now given way to a stronger tone of electric blue, more technological and modern.

In the aftermath of our 16th anniversary, there is no better way to celebrate than presenting our latest project in which the "clients" were ourselves.

If you are looking for an integrated solution and project follow-up until the return on investment, Zalox is the ideal digital agency to help you. We are a digital agency specialized in the development of Software, Mobile Applications, Webdesign, E-Commerce, Marketing and Digital Communication.

We hope you like our new page!

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