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Why you should care about your website's SEO

Until the '90s, there was no mention of search engines. Nowadays, they are part of our lexicon and our daily routines, allowing us to access an infinite amount of information, with a speed that 30 years ago would be unthinkable.

With the spread of available information and the presence of companies on the Internet, there is a need for businesses to optimize their positioning in search engines. This is an extremely dynamic process, with Google's algorithms constantly changing, as well as, consequently, the strategies used by companies.

The term SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, refers precisely to the optimization of websites so that the search engines place them in the top positions and thus, potential customers find your page. Contrary to what many find, SEO is not just about choosing the right keywords. For example, choosing the title and page description also provides information that allows Google to better structure what you see in search results.

But after all, what is SEO?

SEO can be said to consist of a set of strategic techniques that allow a site to improve its positioning on the organic results (without investment in advertising) of search engines such as Google.

When hiring a company to develop your website, you should realize if it has SEO knowledge and if they will apply it during the programming of the site, in order to improve the internal aspects that contribute to the best positioning of the page.

If your site has been developed without regard to SEO optimization issues, you should consider making the necessary changes so that the absence of this care does not detract from your positioning.

One of the first steps when starting to work on optimizing a website is to develop a list of keywords. It is important to place yourself in the position of the potential customer who is going to search in a search engine and reflect on the words and phrases you would use for that search.

The search for SEO keywords should be constant. Old keywords should be periodically re-evaluated and updated whenever appropriate, by using as many keywords as possible, including the most general ones, as well as some more specific ones that can be used by potential customers looking for a service or product.

The goals of websites are always variable, but whatever your market segment, SEO optimization is always advantageous as it will allow users to reach out to you.

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