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Post-Confinement: How to recover Hospitality with Digital Marketing


The global pandemic of Covid-19 brought great difficulties to the Hospitality sector. Portugal, a country that depends so much on tourism, is now dealing with the post-confinement period and the resumption of the economy.

Hospitality was one of the sectors that suffered the most with confinement in 2020. Thousands of people canceled reservations, postponed holidays and hotels, local accommodations and Airbnbs were closed for several months. Today we explain how you can use Digital Marketing to help recover your hospitality business.

Digital Marketing can and should be at the center of your business recovery strategy, particularly because it offers you data that will help you decide where to invest and where to cut costs.

Let's look at the advantages of using Traditional Marketing:

  • Budget savings: unlike traditional Marketing, it can be a low investment with a higher return;
  • Lead capture: helps you segment your audience and increase your market knowledge about your customers, allowing you to prepare targeted marketing actions for more efficient lead capture;
  • Obtaining data: using the right tools and well-defined metrics, you will be able to understand the preferences of your target audience, what type of accommodation they are looking for, in which keywords you are investing in vain, among others;
  • Greater reach: The current consumer is on the internet and social media and, as such, your company must also be. Reaching more people is one of the great advantages of Digital Marketing.

In addition to the benefits we have just indicated, a Digital presence and good use of marketing techniques can help you not only overcome the crisis caused by the stop in tourism, but also to come out stronger.


Care for your old customers and invest in new ones

At this stage, your regular customers may be important allies in rebuilding your business. Create personalized campaigns for old customers and invest in loyalty strategies that will make your customers choose to return to your accommodation. A careful call or email to an old customer can guarantee you future revenue.

Use the data you have collected through tools such as Google Analytics to capture new customers, creating offers according to demand, getting new customers.


Optimize your hotel / accommodation website

Most customers currently reach you via the internet and, as such, most likely by consulting your website. For this reason, it is extremely important that you keep your hotel or accommodation website up to date with recent, high-quality photographs, that you show a confident image and that you create a positive expectation for your future guest.

Your potential customer should be able to easily access the information they are looking for, make a reservation and contact you for any additional questions.


Invest in creativity

If one strategy didn't work, move on to the next. There is no point in hitting the same key. Look for innovative ways to tell the story of your hotel, your airbnb rooms, try to establish partnerships with blogs, influencers and adopt new campaigns and actions that attract customers.


The last few months have been of great difficulty for the Hospitality sector, but that does not mean that it is the end. Companies must consider this crisis as an opportunity to be reborn and build a consolidated image with their customers. Make the most of your business with Digital Marketing and prove that a pandemic does not shake you.

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