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Advantages of LinkedIn for companies

LinkedIn is a professional social network founded in 2002 and officially launched the following year. It is used primarily to establish business relations, and has more than 106 million active accounts.

LinkedIn allows its users (professionals or companies) to create profiles and establish connections with each other in the social network, which can translate into professional relationships in the "real" world. The user profiles are similar to a curriculum vitae, as they include information such as training and professional experience. As such, LinkedIn is a professional network of utmost importance for job seekers and recruiters.

However, LinkedIn is also a very useful platform for companies. Having a corporate profile on LinkedIn can be an excellent way to get to know the products and services, making your page on LinkedIn a digital storefront.

Above all, the main objective of this social network is the fomentation of "networking", a highly valued concept currently in business. Briefly, "networking" refers to the expansion of a person’s or a company’s network of contacts, increasing the likelihood to do business or get new career opportunities.

The great advantages of LinkedIn for companies are:

Increasing the range of the Company

When creating a company page on LinkedIn, your employees can add their role in the company in their profile, creating a link to the company’s page. This promotes that each person viewing the profile of this user can click on the company’s name and be redirected to the company's page, creating views that are likely to translate into business opportunities.

Increasing the exposure of products and services

LinkedIn company pages have the option to create a Showcase page where each company may indicate the different services and products they offer and include relevant information about them. You can also customize the way products are displayed depending on the user's profile.

Easier recruitment

LinkedIn functions as a CV database, facilitating the work of recruiters. Through a search, you can find users looking for employment in your area of ​​operation and consult professional experience and skill recommendations made by other users.

Participation in discussion groups

LinkedIn offers a group creation tool. This feature has been increasingly used by companies to meet business contacts and discuss topics related to their business area. Besides being an excellent platform to generate discussions on topics of interest to your company and your business contacts, LinkedIn also allows direct updates from your business page for specific groups. So, if you want to publicize a job offer or an article in a specific group that includes users to whom it may be of particular interest, you can do it.

Analyze market position

LinkedIn allows you to have access to your competitors share, as well as updates of the company structure. It is very important to identify the areas and issues that companies in your area explore, they may be business opportunities for your company.

Improve ranking in search engines

Search engines like Google put LinkedIn’s Company pages in good positions in search results ranking. Upgrading and optimizing posts for SEO can improve their position in search engines results, mainly because they are creating backlinks to our site. This can attract more visitors to your website, especially if your posts include links to your company’s website.

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