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Zalox developed an online ordering platform for "Sushi em tua casa?"

“Sushi em tua casa?" ( translation: Sushi at your place?) was born in 2008 of a joke. Miguel Prata began to go prepare sushi in his friends’ houses, when they wanted to host different dinners.

In October 2010, after a period of learning and improving techniques of quilting and preparation, “Sushi em tua casa” emerged as business.

The name says it all: the concept suggests that customers can order sushi to be delivered or prepared at home. So far, orders have been made by telephone, but high demand required a more efficient method.  

Zalox was chosen to prepare the online ordering platform "for the brand", in which the customer chooses the number of pieces or menu he or she wants to order and enters data so that the delivery time is further optimized .

"Sushi em tua casa?" is characterized by a sushi delivery service in fusion freestyle, combining Eastern, Mediterranean and tropical flavors. The ingredients used are always fresh.

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