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Why your company should have a responsive website

With the significant increase in the use of smartphones and tablets, it is essential that your company's website is mobile-friendly, so your potential customers can quickly search and access information on your page, regardless of the device they use.

According to data from Marktest in July this year, 36% of searches made in Portugal were made on mobile devices, a trend that follows what happens, for example, in the US, where research on mobile devices has surpassed the research done on laptops or PCs. Adding to these data, Zalox detected that several customer sites have over 50% of mobile traffic.

Many companies have websites designed for equipment with standard size monitors, but not responsive ones.

First, you may want to know what a responsive site is. Having a website with responsive design means that the site is suitable to be viewed on any mobile device, regardless of the screen size. Thus, a responsive site rearranges the contents depending on the resolution of the device where you view the site, which allows the user to see the website without having to resort to expansion tools.

If your company does not have a website compatible with mobile devices,you are refusing access to a significant percentage of visitors who will most likely not come back trying to access.

Google says that all websites should have responsive design, as they offer a better user experience than the sites that are not mobile-friendly. Thus, Google search engine improves positioning in the results for responsive sites. Also, smartphones have a separate search algorithm, which means that, if a site is being well-placed in search ranking performed on a PC, it may not have the same position in research in smartphones.

As such, it is of utmost importance that your company bets on a website with responsive design that makes you have a good position in search results.

However, the main reason for the implementation of a responsive design should always be the goal of providing a better user experience for those who access your page.

According to Google's statistics, 72% of mobile users consider important that websites are mobile-friendly. The same survey indicates that it is five times more likely to leave a website for not being mobile-friendly, before finding the desired information, when compared to a site with responsive design.

Having a responsive site enhances the perception of the brand, conveying an image of concern for the customer experience. It also shows that there is a concern to adapt to the new requirements of the technological world. All these factors can make the difference in choosing the services of a company.

Today, having a responsive website is a must and should be a concern of all businesses. With the development of technology, it will be even more relevant to bet on this type of design, since the possibility to access Internet sites only through mobile devices is increasingly cemented.

Zalox is the ideal partner to create responsive websites. Websites developed by Zalox are fully compatible with mobile devices. We follow the evolution of technology, working with technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. We transformed the visit to your site a unique experience for those who use Smartphones or Tablets.

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