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Reasons an app may be rejected by the Apple App Store

The success of an application depends on several variables, namely its characteristics, quality and, above all, the experience it offers its users.

The vast majority of smartphone users' time is spent on mobile apps, and usage is also increasing.

In the Apple App Store alone, there are about 2 million apps that have gone through Apple's review process. This review is especially rigorous at the Apple store, where only the best apps are accepted.

In this article, we talk about some of the guidelines of the Apple App Store review process which can help you prevent that your app is rejected.


Technical reasons apps are rejected when revised by the Apple App Store:


Failures and bugs: If a mobile application crashes when it is used by many users at the same time, this is a problem. Also, errors may lead Apple to consider that the application doesn't have the quality required for its market.


Poor performance: Application performance is the most important factor for a good user experience. A combination of good design and perfect user experience is an essential factor for application approval. If an application creates problems for the user rather than solving, it may be considered to perform poorly.


Broken Links: the Apple App store rejects apps with links that open to 404 pages, incorrect pages, blank pages, etc.


Development for all iOS devices: According to Apple guidelines, an app should work on all Apple devices.


Invalid Payment Systems: Under Apple App Store rules, users can only make purchases from the Apple Store, iTunes, Apple Book, etc. using an Apple ID and valid payment method. 

In conclusion, there are several reasons why your mobile app may not apply to the App Store. However, most of them are avoidable reasons if the application is well developed. Therefore, before submitting your request for Apple review, check twice and avoid these errors.

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