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3 Reasons to Worry About Your Website's Performance

We all know that user experience is one of the most important factors to take into account in an e-commerce site.

User experience is the great driver of revenue since, however good the product is, few users are willing to shop on a site that doesn't offer them a good experience.

Speed ​​is one of the main elements that turn the experience on a website enjoyable for the customer. Speed, which we will refer to hereafter as performance, directly influences all the pages of a website. In this article, we've covered the three reasons why you should be concerned about your site's performance.


Most demanding customers

Today, consumers are far more demanding about their digital experiences than they used to be. When a customer chooses to shop online, he expects not to have several of the constraints that he goes through in a physical store, such as stock breaks, crowded stores, time limitations, etc.

Buying online is, for the most part, a choice of convenience. In conclusion, customers are not willing to have a bad experience on your site or even a similar one to what they would have in a physical store. The digital experience should be easier, smoother and faster than going to the store.


Time equals money

Studies show that every additional second your site takes to load a page (especially on mobile devices), your business loses more money. Slow page load times translate directly into page abandonment.


Speed ​​affects SEO

Google has already stated that site speed is one of the factors that the site ranking algorithm takes into account.

A site is considered fast if it takes between 0 and 1 seconds to open a page, within the average of 1 to 2.5 seconds, and slow if it takes more than 2.5 seconds to load.

Lastly, your website's performance is essential. You should evaluate your page performance regularly to anticipate a break in your results and make the most of your digital presence.


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