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Facebook has updated its algorithm to prioritize original video content

We have already touched several times on the theme of video as the "king" format for digital content. Users interact more with video than with other forms of content, making it the top priority for brands, that can even embed ads in their videos.

Social networks also demonstrate this trend, strongly recommending the use of video. Until a few years ago, Facebook did not allow the publication of native videos, only videos shared from other platforms, such as Youtube.

Now, Facebook has announced that it has updated its algorithm in order to prioritize original video content.

Facebook's new video rating algorithm will start rolling out in the coming months. But after all, what changes did Facebook make to its algorithm?


Video Duration

In recent years, the attention of users has decreased substantially. Therefore, it is essential that video is as appealing as possible within the time that current users spend so that they do not abandon it before the message is fully transmitted.

Thus, Facebook will assign a better ranking to videos with a maximum duration of 3 minutes. But this is not the only criterion of the new algorithm of Facebook. Engagement - that is, user involvement - is also an important factor in ranking.



Many pages share the same content, including videos, for their followers. Digital content is propagated in such a way that a point is reached where the copyright holder is not known. Facebook will prioritize original videos and penalize pages that share duplicate content from others.



Creating videos that make people come back to your page repeatedly is a sign of good content that keeps the user involved. Facebook will show original videos in the timeline more frequently from pages that have repeated visits from users.

In conclusion, producing original content is a huge advantage for brands that use Facebook as part of their marketing and communication strategy. Bet on this idea and make the most of it!

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