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Behavior Driven Development as an agile technique

We have previously discussed the advantages of agile development methodologies, namely the Scrum method.

Today, we approach a new technique of agile development known as Behavior Driven Development. 

We intend to address the advantages of this method and how it encourages collaboration between programmers and managers throughout software development.


What is Behavior Driven development?

Behaviour Driven development was created by Dan North in 2003 in response to challenges felt when using agile practices. Dan felt that there were communication failures. BDD is an evolution of Test Driven Development, a technique that is based on a short cycle of repetitions in which the programmer writes a test case that defines a certain improvement and produces code to be validated by the test.


What is Behavior Driven development for and what problems does it solve?

Behavior Driven Development or BDD serves to create tests and integrate business rules with the programming language, focusing on software behaviour.

That is, the software is developed based on the user stories previously developed and the specifications provided by the customer during the survey of needs.

Thus, programmers divide the process into the following steps:

1 - Identify user behaviour

2 - Define specific requirements

3 - Develop prototypes to meet the criteria

4 - Implement the code and make adjustments

5 - Test and develop the final product

What is the importance and advantages of BDD?


The main advantages of Behavior Driven Development are undoubtedly team communication, knowledge sharing, dynamic documentation and the vision of the whole. The use of this agile method also helps reduce waste of time, cost savings and faster releases.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that using a methodology supported by tests is an extremely beneficial practice. behaviour-oriented Development responds to some of the biggest challenges facing programming teams and managers and can be a good ally in faster, more efficient development.

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