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Why you need to include Video in your digital strategy

Today, video is arguably the most powerful format for content on social media, whether it's to gain new followers, grow your brand, or boost sales.

The most popular social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have progressively come to favour video, while others like TikTok, are geared exclusively towards this format. This demonstrates the growth of video and the importance it gained.


What makes video so essential for brands?

The answer is simple: consumers prefer video. The format is more appealing to social media users because it is more interactive, capturing their attention more easily. 

Recent data shows that video content has the advantage of being viewed longer than other formats (also promoting more interaction), which makes the algorithm benefit that content and show it to a wider audience.

Here are some reasons why you should use video in your digital marketing strategy.


Video Captivates the consumer

Video, being fast, dynamic and visual content, captures the consumer's attention very quickly. Take for example the apps dedicated to the format, such as TikTok and Reels, which have had almost immediate success.


Creates a connection with the consumer

Your consumers create a greater connection with your company and your values and commitments if they associate them with a face or a voice. Video promotes engagement, having the potential to create a greater emotional connection in your prospect. 


Reaches audiences across multiple platforms

Producing quality video content may be more time consuming than taking a picture, but in many cases, it is a more profitable bet. As we mentioned, video has much more reach than other formats, which means a greater return on investment. In addition, the same video content can be used to reach different audiences across multiple platforms. The possibilities are endless!


Creating videos is a great way to attract your consumers to your content. Zalox can help you adapt your digital strategy to include video, catapulting your results. Contact us!

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