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How to Create a Successful Google Ads Campaign


Have you decided to invest in marketing your business through a Google Ads campaign? Congratulations, you have just taken the first step on a journey that can lead to exponential growth!

Today, Google Ads, formerly known as Google Adwords, is one of the best resources for acquiring new customers.

However, creating a new Ads campaign can be a nervous time, especially for the most inexperienced. Today we teach you all the necessary steps to create a Google Ads campaign that brings value to your business, instead of just investing money with no return.

The first question you have to ask yourself is: is there demand from customers?

This question is very valuable because if internet users are not searching for your product or service, an advertising campaign on Google Ads will not be of great interest to you.

So, before starting to create your campaign, you should confirm that there is demand volume for what you have to offer. We suggest that you use Google Keyword Planner to understand which keywords are most in-demand and the estimated value of each one. This free tool from Google will help you design your plan.

At this point, you will have to get answers to three essential questions:

  • Are my business keywords searched on Google? If the answer is no, it is useless to invest money in advertising keywords that no one is looking for.
  • Do people searching for my keywords intend to buy? At an early stage, you should always invest in words/terms that demonstrate purchase intent such as “buy suede shoes”.
  • Is my budget enough to competitively invest in these keywords? To answer this question, you will need to calculate your maximum cost-per-click (max CPC) and compare that value to the keyword's estimated CPC in Google Keyword Planner to determine if you have the money to advertise. 


Create persuasive ads


Ads with high click-through rates will be considered by Google as quality ads, lowering the cost per click of your keywords. This means that the quality of your ads will directly affect how much you pay per click for each of your keywords. Well-structured ads will lower your expenses as they keep away unwanted clicks.

There are four main components to an Ads text ad: 

  • Title
  • Description Line 1
  • Description Line 2
  • display URL


Create specific landing pages


We've reached the final step! Your potential customer clicked on your ad and was directed to a page on your website. A mistake made by most marketers starting with Google Ads is directing their ads to the website's homepage or a non-specific services page. If this is your case, be aware that it is likely that your visitor will leave your site at this point, because they have not found what prompted them to click on the ad.

Your homepage is not a landing page! Although it may have all the information about your business, it is not absolutely relevant to the content of the clicked ad. To get around this problem, you should create landing pages specific to the service or product being advertised.

The landing page must have an appealing title, explain your differential in relation to competitors, the advantages of using your product/service and an irresistible offer. Positive testimonials from other customers are also valued. Don't forget to include a strong Call-to-action and you are destined for success! 

All these points are important to create a successful Google Ads campaign that allows you to return on investment and substantial growth of your business. If you need professional help to create irresistible Google Ads campaigns please contact us!

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