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The real value of custom software development

Many companies need custom software to develop their business. This software, more or less complex, helps them achieve their goals and improve their results. So if a software program is so crucial to the success of your business, why are decision makers still so overwhelmed by the cost of custom-built software?

Today, we address the reasons that make software development a significant investment and why companies should not underestimate the time and financial resources needed to build functional, quality software.

First of all, any software development project requires a thorough understanding of the company's business processes before starting development. Each company is different, some companies have similar workflows, but almost all circumstances have unique needs. Analysis of this business flow will be the basis for development.

Extensive research on the industry is also indispensable. If a team has never worked in the healthcare industry but will develop software for a medical company, extensive research will be required to understand various aspects, including standards, nomenclatures, processes, and so forth.

These processes require a very significant amount of time and human resources but are essential for the development of quality software.

Second, when the software structure has been agreed upon, a work of interface design and user experience is required. It is important that each customer has a design tailored to their needs, their business sector and their customers. This phase usually involves several prototypes, adjustments, and an evolutionary process that can take weeks.

Depending on the complexity of the software, the development phase may take more or less time, taking into account that the team has to determine the human resources that will work on it, the processes they will use, and more.

All custom software development requires extensive testing to ensure everything is working properly and to identify possible program errors and failures.

After all this process that can last for months, depending on the complexity of the project, the number of people working on the project, etc., the software development is complete. However, the work does not end. After implementing the software, customer support is vital to building a relationship with customers. In addition, minor bugs may need to be repaired.

In conclusion, custom software development involves a whole follow-up work that does not end with product delivery. This ongoing process is beneficial for both parties but requires, once again, an investment of time, human resources etc that will justify the budget.

Lastly, projects often undergo changes relative to their original requirements and this may mean additional time, work - and of course, costs - for the team.

In conclusion, software designed and built to measure is a significant investment. Often companies consider it too "expensive", but we will not use that term because it implies a cost higher than its real value. Having design, data analysis, user experience, programming teams etc., dedicated to the development of your software involves very high costs for the company that offers the service and a whole process that should not be ignored.

Software construction is a partnership between the client and the company that develops it. If all companies are unique and therefore need single software, you should consider the importance of having a well designed and built program and paying fair value for all the work involved.

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